What people are saying about Quid Noviā€¦

"This was a great event! I now want to go home and jump on my computer and start working the idea I've had for a book."  —John T.

“I could go on and on about how excited I am to see how you created your Quid Novi Conference, what an inspiration!”  —Carol Peters


“It was a real turning point for me. I’m fired up like an electron.”  —Kelly O’Donnell


“I enjoyed participating in this event! You had marvelous speakers, and we look forward to being back next year.”  —Mike O’Connell, Small Business Development Center Director


What you are doing has tremendous value to the community —Gary B.


“I sure had a great time today and Thank You for allowing me to share my passion! This was so awesome!”  —Dixie Daly


Re: Quid Novi presenter Debra Benton: “I could have listened to her for another hour.”  Laurie Lachance


“Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the Quid Novi Festival... The presenters were great, I learned a lot and I made some wonderful contacts.”  —Scott Mattison


“Thank you for including me in the event. I found it surprisingly interesting and useful from beginning to end. Please put me on the Quid Novi mailing list for future events.” Kevin MacInness


“Quid Novi was terrific! Cindy and I both got many wonderful things out of it! Brian Young


I had a great time and met numerous wonderful and interesting people. I would be more than happy to present again next year, or for any other event that you have.” David Kerr


and more…

“I felt totally inspired and encouraged...”

“Great speakers, good information, valuable insights.”

I love everything about the festival.”

“I think it was a fabulous event, not sure what I would change.”

 “I participated in the writing contest... beautiful certificate.”

“The overall selection of topics was good.”

“Ready for the next annual conference!”