Quid Novi Annual Conference Sponsors

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Major sponsorship of the annual conference aligns perfectly with the vision and goals of legal firms, marketing organizations and financial institutions. The Quid Novi brand has been established in a visual and visceral way. People recognize and connect to the da Vinci-style flying image, the water scene and the rich color palette. A general sponsor benefits from the years of establishing this image and connecting it to vibrant and creative businesses. For the right organization, this annual $5,000-10,000 investment may be a profitable means of building the right, creative relationships. Broad service providers such as legal firms, financial institutions, educational organizations and investment groups would align well with the themes and goals of Quid Novi Innovations.

Major sponsors receive yearlong exposure in all Quid Novi events, materials and publications. Specifically, a major sponsor receives prominent placement on the website, on posters and other published materials and media announcements. Full sponsorship of the expanded conference weekend (Friday VIP dinner, Conference Saturday, Sunday VIP breakfast) entitles the sponsor prominent visual recognition at the entrance, at presentation sites and in all award and recognition photographs during conference events.

Sponsors can also highlight their business in the $1,000 Quid Novi Gift Bag given to all participants.