Quid Novi Annual Conference Speakers for 2015

Chris Hutchinson, CEO

Carl Dierschow

Nancy Chen

Lisa Hale, PhD

The annual conference presents speakers with a “What’s New?” theme in creative pursuits and in growing a business. From the beginning, we’ve featured economists and professors to educate our attendees. We’ve included publishers and book manufacturers to show our authors the many facets of getting a book published. Quid Novi has welcomed social media and marketing experts to teach how to get a branded message to the right audience. We’ve been lucky to retain corporate executives to hammer away at the idea that “The idea is not the innovation,” and “Dos and Don’ts of crowdfunding.”

Quid Novi speakers receive publicity, notoriety and a strong connection with a vibrant community of creative innovators. Most of our workshop and keynote speakers see the value in offering needed advice to a deserving audience. Most recognize the potential of a professional or business relationship in the future. Many speakers acknowledge the value of designing and presenting an innovative way of interpreting the world prior to delivering the talk in a less friendly setting. Quid Novi’s “What’s New?” theme allows for and even encourages speakers to test new ideas and novel solutions with this smart, supportive audience.

As we grow, we will begin offering an honorarium to our conference keynote presenters.

Quid Novi 2015 Conference Speakers:

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Chris Hutchinson, CEO, has invested the last 25 years working with organizations and leaders to help them reach their full potential. He founded his company – Trebuchet Group – in 2002 to help business leaders tap the abilities of their whole organization to get where they want to go quicker and less painfully.

 Chris is an international speaker and published author of Ripple: A Field Manual for Leadership that Works. His experiences in the military and the business world taught him great leadership can be learned, and everyone is in some way a leader.

 Chris has a passion for helping people grow and be their best. Clients and peers describe him as an inspirational catalyst for positive change.


Carl Dierschow is a highly experienced Small Fish Business Coach located in Fort Collins.  He works with company leaders and business owners on improving a wide range of issues in their organizations.  This includes customer attraction and retention, financial stability, and profitable partnerships.  He’s passionate about designing innovative, productive, focused workforces based on clarity and strength of leadership.
Find out all about Carl and Small Fish at www.smallfish.us.

Nancy Chen is a champion for executives, helping them realize their most passionate visions in accelerated time.  Working as partners, they quickly remove the barriers -- internal or external-- to professional and personal success.  Are you willing to do what it takes to live the life you want?  To create the world you long for?  Two years ago, Nancy moved from New York City to Colorado to do just that.  After 20 years in corporate management, training and consulting, she is realizing her vision to develop conscious and powerful leaders from the inside out, through her leadership coaching and facilitation business.  Not by teaching her success formula to you, but by showing you how to design your own success formula based on WHO you are; WHAT you really want; and HOW you want to create it.  True empowerment comes only when these are aligned.  As a certified coach, Nancy brings a unique combination of talents to the task, with a consulting specialty in marketing strategy, a Wharton MBA and, as clients report, an uncanny ability to get to the deeper heart of the matter.  Clients have included American Express, British Airways, Amway, Hunter Douglas, as well as professionals and entrepreneurs.  A Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and Association for Talent Development, Nancy is also a mentor and facilitator for new coaches at the International Coach Federation of Colorado.

Lisa Hale, PhD is an experienced business development expert and coach, who helps high performing leaders and organizations up their game. She brings the breadth and depth of two decades of business experience. As a facilitator, author, and business consultant, Dr. Hale applies direct accountability and warm acceptance to re-formulate the culture of work and purpose. Clients quickly identify and clear obstacles to success that have kept them from the results they wish for in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Hale’s clients have dubbed her the “Transformation Engineer” – facilitating and accelerating needed change to create success and joy.

Our speaker today is both a student and a veteran of helping experts and business owners achieve extraordinary results in all areas of life; both professionally and personally. She’s been leading people and businesses since she was 18.  She has been an award-winning top performer, leader, a Fulbright Scholar and recipient of a McArthur Foundation “genius” grant, as well as Captain of her softball team.  Since 1995, Lisa Hale has advised and coached some of the most successful executives in the country.  She holds an M.A. in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Political Economy, serves on the Board of the International Coach Federation, Colorado Chapter, and most impressively, is a single mother of three boys.