Quid Novi Annual Conference Attendees










Writers, inventors and other creative artists working solo or growing start-up enterprises will thrive in this festival environment. 

We’ve noticed that the conference is a perfect place to connect legal advisors with inventors, authors with designers, small businesses with promotion companies and larger businesses with creative talent. Quid Novi is the place for like-minded achievers who know that creativity is contagious. The conference gathers together people who take action and move their ideas and products forward with the support of others who understand the “What’s New?” way of thinking.

During the conference weekend, people get that “shot-in-the-arm” feeling when rubbing shoulders with other motivated creative people. Sure, you get meals, refreshments and our famous “$1,000 Gift Bags” but the real value you get from a Quid Novi conference a set of skills that will help your business interests and some “on-fire” motivation that will help you apply those skills. Attendees receive support, education, networking and tangible marketing tools for their creative enterprises. The value of a single Quid Novi workshop (legal tips, healthcare, trademark, patents, publishing, logo design, negotiating, rolestorming, social media, launching a venture) far outweigh the $150-250 conference tuition. A 2013 attendee stated, “This session alone was worth $500 to me and my business.”