Quid Novi Innovations Annual Conference

Stay tuned for information on the 2017 Annual Conference.


Imagine a place where authors, inventors and thought-leaders meet and compare stories!

Consider the new possibilities when creators interact with those outside of their field… that scene is the Quid Novi Innovations Annual Conference!

By crossing boundaries, you do something that actually 
generates innovation.  The individual needs confidence;
the start up needs money; the steady on needs to sustain; and
growing businesses must renew their innovation or die.
Quid Novi is the "arrow" that takes you
to the next phase in creating marketable
output for your boxes, your books and your brains.


Attendees receive support, education, networking and tangible marketing tools for their creative enterprises.

Speakers receive publicity, notoriety and a strong connection with a vibrant community of creative innovators.

Vendors receive exhibit tables and mention in all publications and appropriate postings.

Sponsors receive year-long exposure in all Quid Novi events, materials and publications. Specifically, each sponsor is receives prominent placement on the web site, on posters and other published materials and media announcements based on level of sponsorship.

Volunteer and join the Quid Novi Task Leaders.

Quid Novi Innovations Conference Task Leaders work together to make the best event possible.


We want to propel creative thinkers, inventors and authors past old, tired brainstorming and into the new world of rolestorming

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“This Conference is designed to be a

breakthrough for authors, inventors

and thinkers. The skills learned and

contacts made will be valuable the

next day and for years to come.”

— Rick Griggs, Quid Novi Innovations Founder