Summer Jams & Inventor Showcase 2017 Speakers

 Quid Novi Innovations event speakers include active authors, inventors and innovators and entrepreneurs who can educate, motivate and inspire attendees.This year's event features those with firsthand knowledge of the invention process.

  • Scott Taylor of LIFT Cargo Bikes: The Pains and Pleasures, from Kickstarter to Product

    Scott owned a bicycle shop in Denver, Colorado for 11 years. With increased frequency, he created tools to solve all sorts of his shop's problems (and opportunities). After retiring from retail in 2015, he decided to follow one of his bigger ideas into the unknown. This lead Scott down the path of seeking a patent on his ARGO cargo bicycle conversion kit. The cargo bike kit ran on Kickstarter in the summer of 2016 and will begin shipping in October of 2017.

  • Jerrett Johnson, gaming console creator
    Jerrett created a gaming console based on the Raspberry Pi open-source hardware platform and used Retro Pie as an emulator for arcade and console games from the 70s, 80s and 90s. He organized a campus-wide classic console tournament at CollegeAmerica. He has also created a wooden, table-top console like the ones found in classic arcade games.

  • Rick Griggs, creator of the Rolestorming creativity tool
    Rick has degrees in Psychology, French and Business, and his Griggs Mastery Academy helps leaders and innovators increase their balance and achievement. After management positions in Silicon Valley, he founded Griggs Achievement and Tantalus Books. His book, Triumph in Teams, won a first place book award. Rick is also the author of the life poem Samsara, and founder of the Quid Novi Innovation Conference. 

  • Julie Bernard, intellectual property attorney
    Julie is a registered patent attorney with more than twenty years of intellectual property experience. She
     provides balanced general, transactional, and intellectual property legal advice based on her significant experience and a proven track record in patent and trademark prosecution, and structuring and negotiation of licenses and collaborative agreements. Prior to private practice, Julie held the positions of Chief Patent Counsel with Roche Pharmaceuticals and Chief IP Counsel with BaroFold, Inc.