Spring of Innovations and Book Fair 2017 Speakers/Authors: Mallory Griffith and Rachel Bedard

Autism book cover

Mallory Griffith, MA, CCC-SLP, is a speech-language therapist who focuses on coaching social communication skills. She is the founder of the nonprofit, SOCIAL! The Pendley Project, which supports individuals with social and sensory-bMallory Griffith photoased needs through meaningful, daily activities. Mallory is profoundly grateful for clients who provide inspiration and colleagues who kindly support her endeavors. She is particularly thankful for Dr. Bédard’s patient mentorship and friendship. Mallory resides and works in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Rachel Bédard, PhD, is a licensed psychologist living and workinRachel Bedard photog in Fort Collins, Colorado. Known for her quick wit and dry humor, Dr. Bédard can seemingly find strengths in any situation and guide her fantastic clients to their own version of success. She thanks the many individuals who have allowed her to learn from their life experiences. This book would not have been possible without the inspiration of clients and mentors.