Quid Novi - Latin for "that which is new"

Quid Novi Innovations celebrates innovation, connection and collaboration — our organization and events are designed to help you market your creative output and grow your business.

Quid Novi Beginnings

Years ago, Rick Griggs worked with the San Francisco Book Festival—“free and open to all.” After moving to Colorado, Rick's publishing mentor, Mary Lou Slater, suggested a book festival in Colorado. His brain raced past Amazon's fees, B&N's monopoly, and how good writers were being pushed aside by celebrity books... he passed on the book-only festival thing.

Fast forward... Rick thought, "what if you add inventors and innovations and something edgy?" Now, that was appealing!

Rick Griggs, Founder and President of Quid Novi Innovations

The Original Plan
In 2010 we started with the name “Books, Gadgets and Innovations” for our exciting, new conference. Those were our original three areas of focus. It was actually an intern who said, “We need a better name.” After searching Greek and Latin phrases, we discussed them, narrowed the list and chose Quid Novi. Quid Novi stands for “That Which is New” or “What’s New.” Most committee members were thrilled—one quit!

The first committee dreamed of hundreds of authors and innovators on international flights, converging on Northern Colorado. Fort Collins would be ideal. They would call them product makers, tool makers and market makers!

The Early Years
Okay, so they didn't come from Europe. But they came from all over Colorado! Speakers were fantastic! Attendees loved it! 50% Authors, 30% Innovators, 20% Inventors. Over 100 attendees and 10 exhibit tables.

During our first five years, Quid Novi attracted mostly writers and innovators. These broad categories began to expand into publishers, designers, authors, legal advisors, inventors and small businesses hoping to expand.

Quid Novi Today
Since the start in 2010, Quid Novi has grown to add a Job & Idea Fair, Spring of Innovation, Summer Jams and the Annual Conference that attracts start-ups, established businesses and creative artists, writers and inventors. A strong track-record, along with the partnership with Colorado State University, has launched this “what’s new” innovation effort to new levels of attendance, sponsorship and business impact.

By crossing boundaries, you do something that actually 
generates innovation.  The individual needs confidence;
the start up needs money; the steady-on business needs to sustain; 
and growing businesses must renew their innovation or die.
Quid Novi Innovations is the "arrow" that takes you
to the next phase in creating marketable
output for your boxes, your books and your brains.

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